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Why Dogs Make Good Family Pets

family dog loves kid

Everyone loves puppies; they’re cute, friendly and of course- lovable. Plus, they’re incredibly therapeutic – owning a dog has been proven to help reduce anxiety, depression, and loneliness. So, this article will focus on why you should get a dog as a family pet!

So, without further ado…

Why Dogs Make Good Family Pets!


● According to Dogarooni a dog training blog. They teach kids responsibility – Owning a dog isn’t as simple as it seems. They need to be fed, walked, bathed, brushed and played with. When your kids care for a dog, they will learn what it feels like to have a living creature rely on them. A sense of empathy will be instilled in them, and they will learn the importance of commitment and consistency. The habits of responsibility they cultivate when taking care of a dog will benefit them greatly later in life.

● They help with anxiety and depression – Dogs have been proven to have a tremendously positive effect on their owners’ anxiety and depression. Kids and adults who own a dog tend to be less anxious and socially withdrawn. Furthermore, kids who own a dog have a higher rate of attendance at school and tend to work harder than kids who don’t own any pets.

● They keep you healthy – Dogs need to be walked at least once or twice a day, sometimes more! Plus, they’re very energetic as puppies and love to run around and play. Skip going to the gym and hating every second of it, walking and playing with your dog is plenty of exercises.

● They reduce the risk of allergies in kids – Kids who were exposed to dogs at a young age are proven to have a lower risk of developing allergies as compared to children who were not exposed to dogs at a young age. While the science behind this has not yet been understood, researchers theorize that since dogs tend to lick kids while playing with them, these kids are exposed to foreign bacteria at a young age, and their immune system is conditioned to be highly adaptable, thus conferring them resistance to allergens.

● They help families bond better – Surprisingly, having a dog can help your family grow closer together. This is because a dog typically ends up being the focus of activities families can do together. Everyone chips in to care for the pup. For example, you can all gather to bathe and groom him, play with him or walk him.

● They encourage nurturing qualities – Nurturing qualities don’t come naturally to people; we have to learn to develop it. Having a dog is an excellent way to learn how to be nurturing, as it takes a lot of time to properly care for a dog. This is particularly the case for children, as kids have very few avenues to learn how to be nurturing and caring.

● They help with learning – For children with learning disabilities, or even adults who are trying to perfect a new skill, a dog can provide non-judgemental support. It has been proven that people are most comfortable practicing something they’re not good at in front of their dog, probably because dogs offer unconditional love and acceptance.

As you can see, owning a dog comes with a whole host of benefits. After all, there is a reason they’re called “man’s best friend”!

Septic Tanks – Danger Indications In A Country Home

country home autumn

Many rural homes are not connected to the main city sewer system. These homes rely on a self-contained sewage treatment plant called a septic tank.

If you have a septic system or are considering the purchase of a home with one, there are life-saving truths you have to understand about these sewage disposal tanks.

A sewage-disposal tank takes the sewage from the house, the solids settle out, and grease floats to the top. In between the two layers is a clear watery layer that is piped away to an absorption location where it is enabled to percolate away, through the soil. Soil organic bacteria break down any nutrients and contaminants before the sewage reaches water-bearing rocks or any streams from which is a water source.

Septic tanks are buried in the ground. There are three primary types, all of which trigger various concerns.

Steel tanks rust, particularly when buried in the ground. A steel septic tank can be so rusty that it can result in someone walking over it failing and into the tank. The unfortunate person is then suffocated by the methane produced in the tank or drowns.

Concrete tanks might be harmed internally, leading to long-term malfunction and typically a pricey repair bill to correct damage to the absorption drain field.

The worst tanks are those constructed from concrete blocks on site. In some cases, the blocks are only laid down amongst each other and not sealed together. Even if they are cemented together years of attack from acidic sewage will dissolve the mortar. These tanks can collapse without caution and probably fail to meet local planning and environmental protection guidelines and regulations.

How do you know if your septic tank has issues?
If there are ANY areas of sunken ground around it STAY AWAY. Hire a professional right away. If you step on these locations, you might fall through, into the sewage-disposal tank and pass away. These are signs that your septic tank has partly collapsed.

Look for indications of solid sewage material in the drain field area. If the drain field has been infected because the septic system has not regularly been drained, this can be very expensive to rectify.

If you are buying a home with a sewage-disposal tank, you need to insist on the tank being drained, and an investigation by a septic system specialist like Arkays Services performed. It is not possible to analyze a septic tank accurately while it is full.

You may have to pay for a specialist to give you a report, but this will be a minuscule compared to the expense of any needed repair work.

Check out this video to get a better understanding of Septic Systems.

How to Pick the Best Handyman

Eugene Handyman

We all know finding a good Handyman in New York can be hard. Heck, it’s down right impossible sometimes.  And once you find a good handyman, it’s hard to keep them because word spreads fast and they have to hire help and well- that’s that.  But- don’t despair!  There are some good signs that you have not only found a great handyman, but also one that will stay great and one that will keep the things you like the most about them, no matter what changes their business experience.  So- here is a list on how to pick the best Mr. (or Mrs.) Fix it and some signs to look for.

  1. All in the hands

This might sound a bit old fashioned, but I cannot tell you how true it is.  A good Handyman will have beat up and dirty hands.  Their hands will be rough and like sand paper.  Why is this a good sign?  Because the best handyman do their own work- and have for decades.  This will show in their hands.  Men that work with their hands tend to be men of few words, so everything you need to know is literally in the hands.  If you’ve got yourself a pretty boy that likely uses lotion- run far away.

2. Old Fashioned in a Modern Time

Another good sign of a great Mr. Fix it is that they really don’t need any modern marvels- just the basic tools that have been used for centuries. Don’t get taken by the shops that brag about the latest and greatest tools and technologies- a good handy person doesn’t need that. It’s a lot like survival in the woods- you don’t need the latest gadgets and high tech gear (though they do make it nice)- if you truly understand nature and the earth, you can survive anything.  Same with repairs around the house- if you know what to look for, if you truly understand plumbing and the foundations of homes you don’t need anything that’s high tech.

3. Who Answers the Phone?

Amy, at http://www.amykleinmortgage.com says she always finds that the guys that answer their phones seem to be the best. “If you call and the repair company sends you on some rabbit chase to get a hold of some random receptionist- this isn’t a good sign.”  Every good repair company I’ve ever used has actually had the owner answer the majority of the calls personally.  It saves time, money, and just makes everyone’s life easier.  Also- you know a business owner loves what they do when they answer the phone- and you want someone that truly loves the work because it shows in how they fix your home.

4. Charity

I’ve found that the really good repair men do a lot of charity work because they understand the importance of maintaining a home, and that not everyone can afford to pay someone to fix something- and not everyone has the skills they do.  A good place to find these guys is at your local church, or homeless shelter.  If you call those places, you’ll usually find a repair company that has joined forces to help out the single Moms or widows.

And last but not least- read their reviews.  It seems so simple, but online reviews are a great way to know more about who you’re bringing into your home!  So, don’t fret, get out there and find that perfect handyman!


How to Renovate Your Bathroom to Get an Invigorating & Attractive Look?


Creating a truly functional, storage-friendly, and visually stunning bathroom may be just what your house needs. But, when space is limited, it may seem like a difficult task. However, a right design choice can literally make your cozy bathroom appearing more spacious just like a magic. Hence, apply some clever yet incredibly unique bathroom design ideas in order to renovate your bathroom while giving it a properly lit and incredibly beautiful appearance.

Incredible Bathroom Mirror Ideas

The key idea behind a magnificent bathroom renovation is to apply more natural daylight into it. There is no better lighting than the natural daylight. Natural diffused light is aesthetically pleasing and also adds a sound feeling of comfort and warmth to your bathroom. In order to light your bathroom efficiently and effectively, you can enlarge the existing windows (if it’s possible). Plus, it also offers a great ventilation system that is another major component of a good bathroom design.

However, if this is a case of a windowless bathroom or a bathroom where the full-spectrum daylight can’t be easily diffused, then there are a plethora of innovative & foolproof design ideas which can help to create an impeccable visual illusion of space, for example, a well-placed bathroom mirror can easily transform the entire space.

In order to obtain the maximum effect, you can choose an oversized mirror which reflects back into the room. Remember, this simple yet incredibly effective bathroom design idea maximizes the flow of light while giving it an invigorating and aesthetically pleasing ambiance that appears to be even more spacious (almost double the size of the room).

Stick to your style

Your bathroom will look far better when you choose a right interior designing style and stick to it. Plus, you can also use some simple tricks like changing the orientation of an installed mirror in order to create eye-catching and visually attractive illusions.
When it comes to internal decor, mirrors are an absolute necessity while renovating a bathroom. In general, a vertical mirror creates the impression of higher ceilings, whereas a horizontal mirror appears to extend the overall space. When you place a bathroom mirror just opposite to an outside window, it automatically captures the available natural light, while reflecting it back & forth into the room and brightening the overall space.

There can be a myriad of tricks when it comes to bathroom renovations, however, interior designers often install a mirror which reaches right to the bathroom’s ceiling and then they frame it with a perfect layout while choosing right colors & fixtures to generate the maximum effect. A large framed elegant mirror with specialized lighting can transform any bathroom while giving it a resplendent, bright and spacious appearance.

A Right Plan Can Transform the Overall Look of Your Bathroom

If you’re seriously considering about bathroom renovations, then a right plan can transform your space from being ordinary into extraordinary. When your bathroom space is quite limited or you’re working with an unusually shaped room, planning the appropriate location of your bathroom fittings will redecorate your entire bathroom while giving it a trendy, eye-catching, and inspiring look that reflects your style.

First Impressions Always Count

What will you preferably like to see when you take the first entrance through the bathroom door? First impressions always count! Won’t they?

Remember, careful arrangement of various bathroom fittings including those elegant mirrors allows them to reflect something even more interesting and attractive.

Other superb bathroom renovation tips include keeping clutter to a minimum, adding elegant plants that give a luxury spa feeling, and even folding towels with the edges facing away from the door also help the overall space to flow naturally.

If you are looking for some magnificent and incredible bathroom renovation ideas, don’t hesitate to contact us. To seek help from our skilled and proficient interior design team, call SilQ Interiors today on 08 9303 9669.

Old Forestport Days

The Trail is coming!

What trail you might ask?

It’s the National North Country National Scenic Trail and its coming straight through Forestport on its path to Crown Point. This trail originates in North Dakota and traverses over 4500 miles to achieve its designation as the country’s longest trail. The local trail will follow the BREIA trails from Pixley Falls to the Black River feeder canal from Boonville to Forestport.

Trail blazers are excited about the fact that Forestport is the Gateway to the Adirondacks and that the town is a very attractive destination to long-distance hikers. In addition, the trail offers activity opportunities that can help fight childhood and adult obesity which is a United States epidemic

To celebrate this trail system, Forestport is kicking up its heels and planning a community wide event –OLD FORESTPORT DAYS, which will be held on September 30 and October 1.

The focus will be on restoration of the Black River Towpath to open it up to recreational opportunities along this trail not only for hiking, but for biking, horseback riding and kayaking and canoeing as well.

Some of the fun will include the return of Michael Doyle, author of “The Forestport Breaks” to capture the shenanigans of “Old Forestport” along with original music by Stump Hollow and saloon girls from the old Hotel Doyle, currently known as Scooter’s… “There is NO law north of Remsen” according to Michael Doyle’s colorful book about the outlaws that broke the feeder canal three times in the 1890’s!

The Trail will be dedicated on Saturday at 11 AM and music, food and games will be featured.

Interested hikers, bikers and those willing to walk are welcome for this dedication and official ribbon cutting to welcome this trail.
A Softball Tournament and many activities for kids will be held on Sunday, October 1, 2006. Come meet the HUNGRY MUNGRY…learn how to make healthy Trail Mix….join us in Sidewalk Art….. or join any of the fun games and activities designed for the kids and those “young-at-heart”.

The weekend activities will end with FIREWORKS OVER FORESTPORT

Anyone needing more information or wanting to help can contact Jeannie (Beep) Wolcott at 392-3103 or email jborgia@ucp-utica.org.

The following statement is taken from the facebook event page. (https://www.facebook.com/events/153480521746137/)

“Fire Dept. Annual Pickerel Fishing Derby – Woodhull Access – Registration opens at 6 AM – $20 adults and $10 kids under 12. Fire Dept. Raffles – 8750 Watt Portable Generator and 100 gallons fuel oil – donated by Halpin Fuel’ Chinese Auction; UTICA ZOOMOBILE at Fire House 11 AM – 1 PM, TOWN WIDE GARAGE SALES and at both Churches; SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT at the Dutch Hill Field and a Chicken BBQ, Famous Firemen’s Chicken BBQ at Noon, COOKING CONTEST at Scooter’s – coordinated by Clare Rieben – BRING ON THE BACON – 1 PM; PUBLIC WATER BALL at the Forestport Fire Department 1 PM, Presbyterian Fellowship Hall – HUGE INDOOR SALE and Root Beer FLoats, KIDS SIDEWALK ART CONTEST – coordinbated by local artist S. T. Fletcher, – 2 PM, FREE HORSE DRAWN HAY RIDES sponsored by C&R Hardware, ANYTHING BUT a SOAP BOX DERBY, coordinated by the Mason Family at 4 PM, Beer Garden at the Fire Department featuring music by DEA – DJ Service from Noon to 6 PM; , Food specials at the Forestport Diner, LIVE MUSIC at Scooter’s by JOE SWEET & FRIENDS and Town-sponsored FIREWORKS by MAJESTIC over Forestport Pond at quarter past dark…..FUN FOR EVERYONE…..”

Running A Popular Religion Website Is Easy

In order for religion information websites to be active, they ought to be often updated and maintained, something that all good company owners are conscious of. You also know the importance of keeping an open mind when it comes to new innovative processes and of adapting to more efficient tactics. This might appear like a lot of work, but the following guidelines can help you get started.

To keep visitors focused on your religion information website, ensure the pages load quickly. Recent studies indicate that at most, you have five to ten seconds to grab the attention of a visitor who stops on one of your websites. Limit the number of images on your web page to help page load speed, and be certain to compress those that you eventually choose. Additionally, running your web page from a dedicated server will permit you to give your web page somewhat new speed.

You could make your online business more profitable than ever if you design it to be effective across all browser types. If users can access your web page across different browsers and devices, you will maximize your site’s traffic, and your business will likely be more lucrative. Having a site that is only functional on a limited number of browsers and devices can lose you a significant number of visitors. Any issues of browser compatibility ought to be run through your religion information website designer, who will help you with these problems.

Offer online promotions in addition to internet marketing. People must know you also exist in the physical world in addition to online. By featuring your logo on business cards, print ads, and letterhead, you will strengthen your identity. Customers feel more secure working with a company online if there is also a physical location; it gives them another avenue to pursue if they need assistance with an issue.

The sign-up forms on your religion information website ought to be simple enough for the average user to navigate. Registration should be a required step for someone to purchase products on your site. Even though just a few people will register, it’s is important that you offer opt-in forms on a few different pages of your website. Entice visitors to register by providing them additional details about their orders.

Allowing visitors to personalize their profiles will encourage them to become repeat visitors to your website. When they share video clips, photos, and interesting tidbits about their lives with others who visit your religion information website, guests find their time with you more rewarding. Strong relationships are forged between your company and its customers when you encourage visitors to create and maintain personalized profiles. Fun concepts like photo contests are great ways to get new customers.


Tips For The New York Traveler


Mass Transit Rules!

Whether you choose a taxi, the bus, or subway as your means of transportation – you cannot go wrong. The transit system in NYC is fantastic and easy. First let’s clear up some misconceptions about transit in our great city.

Taxis are cheap! Not expensive as you may have thought.

An average cab ride is around $5.00. In fact, taxis may be one of the last cheap items in Manhattan – Except for our hotel rates that is. There are literally thousands of taxis all around – very easy to spot; they are bright yellow. Rules for flagging a cab. Stand at a corner and stick out you arm. The taxi will stop. Very Simple. Note – for a $5.00 ride a standard tip would be about $1.00 to $1.50.

The Subways are Safe! Really.

We all take them – all the time. And they are super fast and easy to navigate. For the most part, the island of Manhattan is set up like a grid, so it is very easy to figure out which train to take. When you arrive at your hotel, simply ask the front desk for a Subway Map. They all have them. When you get to the subway station, go to the teller in the booth and tell them you want to buy a Metro Card. This is like a little credit card that you use to pay your fares. You just swipe it and get on the train. One ride is $2.00 but they have special unlimited ride cards for 1, 3, 7 or more days and they are extremely inexpensive. Ask the teller in the booth.

Bus rides are quite pleasant.

A little slower than the subway but very nice and good for sightseeing. Bus routes are mainly up and down (North and South) the major avenues and on what we call main cross-town blocks. Cross-town is when you go from West to East or vice versa. You can use your Metro Card on the Bus as well and there is literally a bus stop on every block. Bus Maps are available at the hotel as well. Some Rules for taking the bus.

Let’s say you are on Broadway and 58th and you want to go Downtown to Broadway and 34th street. Simply walk to corner, wait, (buses come about every 5 min) and hop on. Swipe your Metro Card and ride. Very easy. Hop on, Hop off – you get the idea.

You can wear Jeans Anywhere

We receive so many calls from folks who are confused about the dress code here. Basically, there isn’t one.

Case in point.

You wake up, throw on your jeans, tee shirt and sneakers and go out to have Breakfast and do some shopping and sightseeing. While shopping, (and this is mostly for the ladies) you find a killer pair of sexy sling backs. You go back to your hotel, put on the sling backs, change the tee shirt to a camisole and jacket and your set for dinner and a Broadway show. After the show, you whip off the jacket and with the camisole, jeans and heels – your set for even the hippest clubs. And always remember, when in doubt, black is always safe. Everyone, and I mean everyone, wears black – even in the summer. So there you have it – jeans and black. But don’t forget the sling backs! New York is definitely a “shoe” city. You ladies out there will know what I mean.

Eat where you want to!

New York is the culinary capital of America and you should experience it! Restaurants are not as pricey as you think. Well let’s rephrase that a bit. The food is not as expensive as you think; it’s the wine and drinks that really add up. So, if you want to have an amazing four star dinner, go for it – just only have one glass of wine. The food at Four and Five Star restaurants is only marginally more expensive than everywhere else; again it’s the wine and cocktails that are very pricey at these establishments. So eat up and save the cocktails for that charming Pub down the block. You’ll be dining like a movie star and with less consumption of alcohol, unlike the stars, you won’t have one of those embarrassing “Paparazzi” moments.